Nokia firmware update in easy steps.

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Do you use a Nokia phone? Are you not satisfied with the current software in the phone? Have you come across any software error in the phone? Are you not satisfied with the battery life-time of your phone ?

If yes, do read this:

‘People’, once they buy the Nokia phone are not aware of the fact that updates for their phone would be available approximately every month. I just want to spread the awareness of it.

‘Firmware’ is the software that runs on your Nokia phone. It is important for you to keep your phone firmware updated. The various applications which interact with the hardware of the phone as well as those which mainly provides an user interface also gets updated. New applications, features are provided.

Requirements for Firmware update on PC side:

  • Nokia Software updater ( NSU) is the software on the PC which assists in the firmware installation on your phone. So, to find out whether your phone has a ‘firmware update’ option and to download appropriate NSU check: NSU. Once you have downloaded the NSU, install it in your PC.
  • Windows Xp/Vista, minimum of 256 MB RAM, 1GHz processor.
  • High speed ( Broadband) internet connection.
  • UPS backup for the PC. Make sure their is no power failure during updation.

Requirements for the Phone:

  • Phone should be switched ON.
  • It should have a valid SIM card.
  • General profile should be activated.
  • Its is very important for the phone to be fully charged prior to updation / connect the charger during the process. Otherwise, it could cause unrevertible damage to the phone.
  • Backup your phone memory and/or memory card. Phone memory can be backed-up on the memory card. To do this. go to: Menu->Tools->Memory->Options->Backup phone memory. OR you can backup using Nokia PC Suite. In the PC suite, you have a application ‘Content Copier’. Using it, you can backup phone memory, memory card, messages, calender entries on your PC. I would suggest you to backup on your PC. During software update, the phone memory will be formatted.
  • USB cable which comes with your handset.

With above requirements/ precautions taken care, use the following steps:

1. Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable. Use ‘PC Suite’ option in the phone. Accept the cable drivers installation on your PC during the first time of connection.

2. Open the NSU. It will detect your phone type and checks for the software update. It will display the Current firmware version and the available version. The other way to check whether update is available is: Availability

3. If you want to continue with updation, click on “Update”. The software will be downloaded from the server to your PC. Note: Internet connection should not be lost during this process.

4. After the software is downloaded, your phone screen will go blank and updation starts. On updating the phone reboots.

5. A message on your PC indicates the completion. Restore the contents either from the memory card or from the PC using the PC suite.

6. Allow the applications to installed again in your phone.

Do read the FAQ’s

Do post in your queries and watch out this space for more tips.

Enjoy the new features of the phone…

Written by keerthims

November 2, 2008 at 5:11 am

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  1. Didnt know. Thanks for the enlightenment maga… More Nokia tips and tricks please. 🙂

    Solitary Reaper

    November 4, 2008 at 11:07 am

  2. nokia 5800 shows no net work in week signal area.


    July 23, 2009 at 5:13 am

  3. […] The unbranding process is effectively reaching into the firmware and tweaking the product code. Once we change the product code to a generic code, we can apply the unbranded (generic) firmware.  Here is a blog posting covering the firmware upgrade process. […]

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